Friday, July 11, 2008

The ‘Fear Factor’ hotties are afraid of…

The gorgeous model, Aditi Govitrikar's greatest fear is losing her loved ones. And she hates bungee jumping. “The very thought of falling into nothing, supported by just a cable is something that cracks my nerves”, she says.

An actor, a hard core foodie and a ‘Funjabi’ girl to the hilt, Delhi-born Urvashi Sharma says her biggest fear is of “losing my loved ones. And I hate dishonest people.” A go-getter, she loves dabbling in stunts and is known to have done a stunt or two during the shooting of her movie, 'Naqaab'.

The daughter of flambuoyant Kabir Bedi and the rebellious Protima, Pooja Bedi has believed in living her life on her terms. A Taurean, she believes in her independence, spirit of adventure and loving selflessly. She hates the words "No" and "Ifs"...and her greatest fear is not saying things or leaving things undone before her loved ones die. And she's absolutely scared of snakes. She says, she has had a near-death experience with two snakes and whilst shooting for ‘Fear Factor’.

Vidhya Malvade, the gorgeous model whose claim to fame is the critically acclaimed ‘Chak De India’, says, "My biggest fear is losing my loved ones. On the same note, I am scared of snakes! They give me the creeps!" Add to that, a fear of heights and ice-cold temperature!

Anita Hassanandani, who is all set to essay 'Draupadi' in Ekta Kapoor's rendition of Mahabharat for 9X, got into the spirit of the ‘Fear Factor’ and surprised just about the entire team. Grit and determination are the two adjectives which her co-stars used when it came to Anita's approach to doing stunts. But by her own admission, the gorgeous ‘bahu’ of our daily soap is petrified at the sight of cockroaches and is yet to overcome her worst nightmare.

Anjana Sukhani, an international business graduate-turned-actor, says she loves the challenge of an unpredictable script. A self confessed foodie, she says, "I will have a nervous breakdown if you keep me away from food."And the lady admits, "I am fearless."

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