Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Khatron Ke Khiladi : Tapur Chatterjee Latest Interview

Interview of Tapur Chatterjee – Fear Factor – Khatron ke Khiladi

What made you join the show Khatron ke Khiladi?
I have watched the original show, Fear Factor a couple of time on TV and found it very exciting. Only I had no idea that the fear factor in it would be so severe (Laughs). It was very interesting as an audience to watch it, which I am sure, will be same for Indian audiences when they watch Khatron ke Khiladi. Also, I have done so many fashion shows and commercials….this is thought would be something different..So I said yes to the show. I also thought there are twelve other girls on the show. Everything put together, it seemed like a good proposition.

How difficult were the stunts?
These were difficult stunts. It will come across as difficult on television but let me tell you that the stunts were 10 times more difficult while doing them. Not only were the stunts difficult, it was freezing cold. It was very difficult to do water stunts, or for that matter any stunt because you were shivering. Still I would maintain that if you don’t have any severe phobias you can still fight it out.

So you don’t have any phobias, or, did you over come some on the show?
Of course, I have, I am severely phobic to heights…I have vertigo and claustrophobia. And most of the stunts involved that. In fact, I got eliminated at one stage because I could not overcome my phobia of heights.

Did it help that your sister Tupur was with you?
Yes, I was lucky that I had my sister with me, which was a lot of moral support. But it wasn’t like only because she was there, I was with her. All the girls were there for each other. We were always together, cheering each other on and helping each other out as much as we could. That was the spirit. It was very pleasant.

Did you discover any new things about yourself?
Ya, I can’t take the cold! It was probably the most scary part. And winters in South Africa get really chilly. It was one or two degrees at noon. So you can imagine how cold it was in the evenings. Then there were hail storms, we had to do water stunts in natural lakes. And when you are doing a stunt in water, you are literally in your bare necessities. Trust me, it was freezing.

What was Akshay Kumar like?
I think he is a very warm and lovely person. He takes a little time to open up. He is very simple, very charming…Yes, he is exactly how I expected him to be.

Did he help soothe nerves?
Aahh!! I think it was his job to make us scared! But he would be very nice to us when he wasn’t shooting.

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